Buhol Buhol

I was supposed to present this lyric video in a typography talk for Tipong Pilipino in Ateneo de Manila University last March 2020. But then COVID-19 happened — I don’t think there’ll be a more proper time to release this after the pandemic so here it is. 

John Borras Tan
Animation, Type Design

Original Music, Music Video

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I used Sandwich’s original music video, added some color filters, and then overlayed the animated lyrics using TWD Bawal Sans. I tried to show the variability of the font through the use of moving lyrics. In a sense, TWD Bawal Sans fits well with the song as they both explore the complexity and grit of our streets. Much like Raymund on his bike navigating through the traffic, TWD Bawal Sans is flexible enough to fit through whatever space is provided. Singit mo kahit saan basta kasya! 

More about TWD Bawal Sans on our website, here! ✌🏽